Thursday, June 20, 2013

When Questions Are Good

I wondered if liquid watercolors would remain inside a circle of dimensional paint.  They do!
That question started this page.  In school, we suggest that students start with a question when they think about essay topics.  Questions are good.  (Well, not always, like when my kids ask: "But why?" or "Do I have to?," but other questions can be good.)

As I cut up a Chipotle menu and pasted it down, my daughter leaned over and said: "Oh..a fence?"  My son walked by a few minutes later: "Buildings?"  I had vaguely thought about blades of grass for a moment at the very beginning.  Then the paper strips asked for smudges of color and became something else.

The page came together very quickly (not including the drying of the gesso, paint, and dimensional paint) because all of the pieces were there...literally; they were already sitting on the table.  This is one of our favorite pages, and my son thought the texture was so cool that he took the photo below.

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  1. seriously cool effect you got with the dimensional paint. questions lead us all kinds of interesting places!