Monday, June 24, 2013

Topsy Turvy

Those blue bars, framed with dimensional paint and inked with liquid watercolors, are...upside down.  It's an image of a pendant lamp, not a torchiere.  With my usual absent-mindedness and a-minute-here-a-minute-there approach, I glued the whole thing upside down.  No one else would notice, but I do.  But it's okay, especially next to that orange chocolate wrapper.

After spending hours and hours for weeks in front of the computer, working on a project, I had eaten all of the chocolate in the house.  I had dug up brightly wrapped Easter eggs, little valentine hearts, etc., eating my way backwards through the holidays.  Only a few pieces were still around anyway, overlooked because plenty of chocolate arrives between Halloween and Easter.  By June, it's pretty scarce.  I tried to eat...part of a leftover ghost.  My mom sweetly sends us very good chocolate for most holidays, but quality chocolate or not, I knew it was risky to eat Halloween candy in June.  Bleck!

The lack of food or milk would not necessarily make me leave the house.  Chocolate is different.  Late one afternoon, I got dressed (enough to disguise that I was still wearing pajama pieces) and drove to the nearest store which is a natural foods shop.  I treated myself to a prettily-wrapped bar of Chocolove with orange peel.  (I like chocolate with texture, just like collages, with all sorts of lumps and bumps.)  And that bit of indulgence made everything better, the messy house, the too many hours on the computer, and even the upside down pasting.

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  1. "eating my way backwards through the holidays" made me laugh out loud. (I think my son still has some Halloween candy, but I can assure you it's not chocolate or I would have raided it by now!)