Friday, June 14, 2013

Not your momma's jell-o (prints)

My mom and her friends used to make these layers and layers of multicolored jell-o for parties.  I think the colors of jell-o were fairly basic back then, but the trick was to make as many layers, each color separated by a thin layer of white.  To up the ante, my mom would flavor the white layers with a touch of almond extract.  Can you imagine what could be created with the new flavors and colors available now?  Alas, I probably am not going to find out anytime soon since we have been making gelatin without color or flavor.

After watching several fun Youtube videos on making gelatin prints and reading MMSA's step-by-step demo, I totally wanted to try this with the kids.  "What is this?" they asked, poking at it.  "It's not for eating," I said, handing them the brayer and paints.

Our Tofu Girl quickly moved beyond the single colors and came up with tri-colored prints.  She has a great eye for color and design and seems to have a lighter hand with the paint.  Her prints turned out beautifully, and she had more fun than her brother did.  He liked the art experiment but decided this was not his favorite.  I agree with Tofu Girl; gelatin is not just for dessert anymore!


  1. awesome! very impressed by the color layering - it's so easy to have the prints turn to mud.

  2. Thank you! You inspired us, Karen!