Monday, September 10, 2012

a little letter-writing box

We needed a quick birthday gift to surprise a little girl. Inspired by this gift box project, we created a happy letter-writing set with things we had at home.  Pretty tape is magical!

I printed a few sets of cards from Sally Boyle's etsy shop. She used to sell various collections of her marvelous artwork as printable cards.  The itty bitty woodland stickers are printable circles from MariekeV's lovely etsy shop ages ago, when her shop was much smaller and design look was a bit different.  Postcards, a handmade notebook, and other goodies are tucked in, which the photo does not show.  For the birthday card, Tofu Girl colored a personalized paper birthday cake from the incredibly generous Linette whose etsy shop is called PaperGlitter.  See that photo of her milk carton favor boxes?  We sent that to her from our photo shoot with some cows.  Initially I tried to take photos of the cartons next to the cows.  Then we were licked by curious and friendly cows (they're huge!) and buzzed by bugs before we had the wits to traipse further along to take photos with cows in the background.  Anyway, we hope the birthday girl will have fun with the box.

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