Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Feast

 My sister brought back various bits of paper from her trip to Cape Town up to the Bwindi reserve in Uganda years ago.  (She visited the Bwindi gorillas which involved trekking through the wilderness...guided by people with guns.  I think gorillas are amazing too but I'm okay with not seeing them up close in their habitats.)  In my ongoing, exasperating process of cleaning out the piles of "stuff" we have accumulated, I found a folder of things my sister had collected for us, including this fabulous advertisement for a restaurant called moyo.  Makes all that reorganizing worthwhile!  The ad is large, about two feet by three feet or so, and it's supposed to look like it has been stitched together with various colors of thread.  Is the backdrop supposed to be wrinkly paper or, more likely, hide?  Not sure.  They took the time to include details, like all of the knots and underside of the stitches on the back.  I have not been able to take this apart to make any envelopes or collages; it's too lovely!  moyo claims that it has overlooked nothing in providing customers with their own "personal visual safari."



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