Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Roller Derby Love

We have been fascinated by women's roller derby for several years now but could only watch bouts on tv.  The stars finally aligned in roller derby world to bring Mother's Day and new nearby teams together in one fabulous weekend.  Flowers?  Candy?  Lovely, but no thank you.  For Mother's Day I asked for roller derby tickets.  My little Tofu Girl and I loved it from the moment we walked in, and she only became a little worried when the announcer began introducing the derby girls.  "Mommy, how many people are on the team?" she asked. "I saw someone with number 200 on her arm."  Fortunately, the announcer then explained that players could pick any number as long as it fit (on their arms, presumably).  Realizing that her parents knew nothing about the technical details, Tofu Girl read the program, matching the photos to the ladies we saw and learning about the referee signals.  If you have any questions, ask her.

Most of our photos look the first one: blurry.  It was super exciting and loud, which our son did not like.  Eventually perhaps we lost some hearing capability and became used to the speaker volume and frequent referee whistle shrieks.  By halftime, even our boy Mischief Maker gave up his aloof act and was cheering on our jammers.  The experience was so much fun, and we cannot wait to go the next home bout (with earplugs for the kids).  In the meantime, the kids want to learn how to roller skate.  And that is a fantastically good thing.

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