Saturday, January 19, 2013

Visiting the Peabody

We were drawn to New Haven by food.  We started with afternoon snack of dim sum, which was curbed momentarily when our boy found some metal in his food.  Fortunately, he was not eating ravenously and happened to be chewing slowly.  Clunk!  I thought it was a bone fragment hitting the plate, but nothing from a shrimp makes that noise.  Peter said it was half of a washer, so some machine in the kitchen was missing a washer.  ...And the other half was somewhere else.  Thank goodness our child was fine, but we were concerned that someone else might find the other half in an unpleasant way.  We hope that the staff dug through the food for the other half, but in the meantime, we have not yet convinced Peter to return.  The rest of us have promised to chop our food into itty bitty pieces, and we might be crazy for risking our teeth and digestive systems.  Decent dim sum is hard to come by around these parts.

Our next food-related stop was a food exhibit as the Peabody Museum.

Can you believe that the average American consumes all this in one year?  We couldn't either.

That amount of food seems more suitable for one of these bears instead, right?  Look at those paws!

Small and cute, both of them.  She liked the squirrel's ears.

The Peabody's natural history collections are astounding and beautiful.  Our girl especially likes birds, and this display was stunning.

The Dodo.  Looks like it stepped right out of Alice in Wonderland, doesn't it?

Even Harry Potter's owl was here.

Massive sea turtle

Dinosaur Hall

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