Sunday, November 18, 2012

Care Packages with Care Bears

One of our little friends is staying with grandparents for the week of Thanksgiving while her family is going on an important trip to a developing country.  This little one will enjoy Thanksgiving surrounded by lots of loving aunts and uncles and cousins, much more fun and safe.  Yet she undoubtedly will miss her parents.  To help add to her holiday festivities, we are sending her happy mail.  Everyday Tofu Girl writes a note, and then we tuck in fun things like stickers, scratch art, and beads into whatever packaging we have on hand, like a file folder.

Inspired by the Givers Log's Thirteen Ounces or Less mailing experiments, we sent off a small, lightweight toy in its original packaging.  Taped it well; stuck on a bunch stamps and an address label; and that was it.  For me, one of the challenges to sending out stuff is finding a box or envelope.  Since we are mailing stuff everyday for a week, with zero time to track down shipping supplies, we have really had to think outside the box (yup, seriously).  If all of this works, I might send out gifts and such on time instead of months later.  Surprise!

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